SPIRIT has a bright contemporary Asian Zen-like interior with large spaces for entertaining designed by Christian Liaigre. The boat was designed for free-spirit people, offering large opportunities for adventure and explorations. The sun deck features huge sunbeds set around the Jacuzzi. At night, the entire deck becomes an open-to-the-stars dining terrace with a teppanyaki grill. Accommodation aboard is provided for up to 11 guests in 5 deluxe suites.

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Длина 54.3m
Ширина 9.5m
Осадка 3.35m
Максимальная скорость 15.5kn
Гостей/кают 11/5
Количество членов экипажа 13
Год постройки 2011
Цена за неделю От 255,000€
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  • Entertainment system is iPad-controlled allowing guests to customize their own experience on board.
  • The sun deck features huge sunbeds set around the Jacuzzi
  • Onboard masseuse and spa to provide a restful recovery 
  • Fully equipped gym
  • Large selection of water toys

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