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Built in in 2011 and having received a recent refit in 2019  Valerie is unique among the brokerage market having been kept in as new condition from launch and having received regular yearly maintenance periods in shipyards. Valerie’s interior is a stunning work of art. Designed by the world renowned Raymond Langton design team based in London, they have delivered an expectational design that has stood the test of time serving both a very functional and guest friendly purpose without compromising on style and beauty. The main deck salon is large and spacious comprising of a lounge area of sofa’s surrounding a round coffee table flanked by dressers on either side whilst further forward a large formal dining table can be found with a self-playing Schimmel piano in between the lounge and dining area. Inspired by art deco design the main lounge is opulent yet refined being restrained yet having a certain flamboyant character to each design detail. The upper deck salon is a more relaxed area with a bar located at the stern and a C shaped sofa arranged forward facing a large mosaic which separates to reveal a large tv. A mix of  dark woods, ‘pastel’ reds and light fabrics create a more Asian feel to this upper deck saloon combining together to create both depth and character. Large windows can be found allowing plenty of natural light into every room of Valerie also giving guests great exterior views no matter which room they may be in.


Valerie is exclusively for sale with Dynamiq Sales & charter

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