The 38m TAKARA was delivered in 2016 and built by SanLorenzo. The exterior design was created by Francesco Paszkowski as well as the interior. She cruises at 11kn and reaches a top speed of 16kn. She can accommodate up to 10 guests taken care of by a crew of 6. TAKARA boast a maximum cruising range of 3000nm with power coming from two MTU diesel engines. This is ideal for making longer journeys to enjoy hot weather in between seasons or throughout the year. 

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Длина 38m
Ширина 8m
Осадка 2.33m
Максимальная скорость 16kn
Двигатели 2 x MTU, 1080 kW
Гостей/кают 10/5
Количество членов экипажа 6
Верфь Sanlorenzo
Год постройки 2016
Цена 10,516,690€
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Экспертное мнение Dynamiq

Long range of 3000nm gives you a chance to enjoy summer all year round.



- Bespoke and modern interior decor offering a minimalistic yet peaceful feel.

- The master stateroom is located on deck which allows it to be very spacious.

- Upper lounge with bar as well as a jacuzzi in the bow of the yacht.

- The salon lounge features a large sofa, chairs and coffee table aft, while forward, with a slight separation is the formal dining.

- An upper sky lounge offers further sumptuous seating and full entertainment systems.



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