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Yacht charter (charter) is a great way to explore yachting. Hundreds of superyachts cruise to the most luxurious holiday destinations so you can enjoy your vacation aboard at any time convenient for you.

A professional crew instructed by our specialists will provide a 7-star service, while you and your guests will enjoy the fresh sea air and sunlight during your charter.

Relax, enjoy the sun and have fun with water toys while the chef prepares a delicious and delicious dinner. Or take a tandem charter with friends for a night out on Ibiza, take a cruise from St Tropez to Monaco or any place you want!

Рекомендуемые яхты для чартера

M/Y Aquarius

M/Y Aquarius

Год постройки 2016
Длина/Ширина 92/13.45m
Гостей/кают 12/7
Цена в неделю 1,500,000€


Год постройки 2014
Длина/Ширина 66/11m
Гостей/кают 12/6
Цена в неделю 400,000€
M/Y Quinta Essentia

M/Y Quinta Essentia

Год постройки 2016
Длина/Ширина 55/10.2m
Гостей/кают 12/6
Цена в неделю 280,000€
M/Y Elixir

M/Y Elixir

Год постройки 2016
Длина/Ширина 55/9.4m
Гостей/кают 12/5
Цена в неделю 275,000€


Год постройки 2017
Длина/Ширина 38.6/7.7m
Гостей/кают 8/4
Цена в неделю 120,000€
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Чартерные направления

Западное Средиземноморье Восточное Средиземноморье Северная Европа Карибские острова Индийский океан Юго-Восточная Азия Экзотические направления

Как выбрать идеально
подходящую Вам яхту в аренду?

There are several basic parameters that should be considered when searching for a suitable yacht for charter:

Region and route:
where would you like to go? What cities to see?

Number of guests:
how large is your company and how many cabins do you need?

Would you like an active or relaxing holiday on board?
For example, is a large selection of water toys on board important to you, or is it more important to have spas and areas for sunbathing?

a specific budget needs to be identified to help your broker find the best available options in your price range.


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