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Beyond The Market - Beyond Expectations

Dynamiq meets the needs of the intelligent buyer, offering next generation yachts that are not only stylish and effortless to customize but are also very efficient.

Why Choose Us

We make the building process transparent. Our online configurator displays the full standard options list with the relevant prices and estimated delivery date of completion with a contract price.

Dynamiq will offer a competitive price on other custom projects.

Located in Antalya, Turkey. The Dynamiq shipyard is fitted with the latest manufacturing technologies, perfect for building the full range of Dynamiq yachts. Dynamiq prides itself on its high quality control standards and excellent working environment.


Our Range of Models

GTM 90 Transformer

The fast & sporty yacht GTM 90 developed with Klassen
Max Speed 31 knots

Starting at 8,800,000 €

GTM 90 Sportfisher

Max Speed 31 knots

Starting at 7,600,000 €

GTM 90 Beach Club

Max Speed 31 knots

Starting at 8,250,000 €

GTT 115

The first superyacht with Porsche DNA, the 35-metres GTT 115 blends comfortable high-speed cruising with transatlantic crossings.
Max Speed 21 knots

Starting at 12,500,000 €

GTT 135

GTT 135 is the second-generation model in the Dynamiq range of fast family cruisers of 41 meters.
Max Speed 21 knots

Starting at 16,500,000 €

GTT 160

A new class of cool the GTT 160 is the perfect yacht for cruising the seven seas in style.
Max Speed 23 knots

Starting at 18,900,000 €

GTT 165

This excitingly innovative and tastefully refined 50 m (165 ft) superyacht is the largest in the Dynamiq GTT range.
Max Speed 23 knots

Starting at 24,700,000 €

G 350

The GLOBAL 350 is a no-compromise high-tech explorer vessel that boasts a fantastic interior volume of 299GT
Max Speed 16 knots

Starting at 13,500,000 €

G 450

The Global 450 is created for world cruising and for those who spend most of their time on deck and love the connection with the sea.
Max Speed 16 knots

Starting at 23,750,000 €


The Global 500 Hybrid is a last-generation explorer that steps boldly into the domain of hybrid propulsion.
Max Speed 16 knots

Starting at 27,500,000 €