Launched in 2004 by Dutch builder Feadship, UTOPIA received a thorough refit in 2013. She accommodates 12 guests in a beautiful interior designed by Redman, Whiteley, Dixon. Connected by a sweeping staircase, her sun deck and upper deck are two of the most attractive terraces afloat.

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Длина 71m
Ширина 11.4m
Осадка 3.6m
Максимальная скорость 16kn
Гостей/кают 12/6
Количество членов экипажа 17
Год постройки/Refit 2004/2013
Цена за неделю От 435,000€
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  • Master suite occupies the entire upper deck, extending through a private lounge onto an outdoor dining terrace 
  • Both saloons have floor-to-ceiling windows, and five decks of entertaining space give the crew the opportunity to excel by creating a new theme to be enjoyed every day
  • UTOPIA also has a large selection of water toys including a brand-new 10-metre-long water slide
  • Gym and a forward ‘breakfast terrace’.
  • Owners Suite with private office

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