36th America's Cup
14 November 2019 · Industry

36th America's Cup

With the AC75 ’’s in the water, the preparations for the 36 th America’s Cup are well on their way. The new AC75 boasts many differences from its predecessor the AC50, most notably it is now a large monohull, allowing for 11 crew instead of the smaller 6. Being much larger with mast height of 26.5M and an overall length of 23M, 8M more than the AC50, the new AC75's are looking to increase performance and competitiveness among the teams, making for more exiting manoeuvres and close quarter fighting. The best place to watch the 2021 America's cup is on the water, chartering a yacht is the ideal way of seeing the action in person and experiencing this great event, which brings the top sailing nations together to battle it out on open water. 
The America's cup will be help on the 6 th to the 21 st of March 2021 at Auckland, New Zealand. A location known for its untouched beauty and stunning biodiversity. Here you will find must visit locations such as the Milford Sound and the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, each as breath taking as the other.

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