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Tobago is very much the opposite of her big sister Trinidad. Allowed to run free, Tobago has grown at natures will. Chartering a yacht to Tobago will immerse you in pure tranquillity, the laid back atmosphere that surrounds the island is undeniable something to crave. Being the oldest rainforest in the Western Hemisphere, most of the island is covered in a lush, thick forest, the Tobago Main Ridge Forest to be exact. Be sure to check out the Rainbow Waterfall or the Argyle Falls, both are great place to calm the senses. The beaches do not disappoint either, in typical Caribbean style they are silky smooth gateways to the watery domain of Poseidon. Buccoo Reef offers a great place to explore the local marine life and see the vibrant colors that these warm, clear waters offer. If you are looking for a more refined experience, head to the Makara Restaurant where your taste buds will be treated to the blending of modern cuisine with more traditional local cuisines. Tobago is the free spirited sister of Trinidad, offering an immersive experience into the power of nature, the island makes for a great place to bring family and friends or as a romantic getaway where you can watch the sun set over the horizon with your loved one . Contact us to book your charter to Tobago and the surrounding islands.

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