Over 90 metres in length, Elizabet is a charter experience like no other.

Hotel accommodation for up to 36 people in 18 cabins, unusual for a charter yacht, which makes it ideal for corporate parties. The yacht even has a business center and medical facility with a 24-hour nurse on board. A star feature is the spa, which takes over the entire lower deck and includes a massage room, hydrotherapy, gym and sauna.

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Длина 95.2m
Ширина 13.8m
Осадка 3.75m
Максимальная скорость 17kn
Гостей/кают 12/7
Количество членов экипажа 28
Верфь Lurssen
Год постройки 2014
Цена за неделю От 1,200,000€
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